I've been hearing a lot of good things lately about the Vue framework. A work with Angular on a daily basis, so the prospect of a more performant, stripped down version of Angular 1 sounded pretty good to me on paper. And since I've tried my hand at with almost every other UI web framework out there, I figured one more wouldn't hurt.

The standard way to test drive a new framework is the old standby of a todo list. One of my projects I've been working on needed something similar. It needed to view a table of records and also add new records on the same screen. It seemed like a good jumping off point for testing out Vue.

One of the major benefits I found when started using Vue was how familiar it already was. Unlike React or even Angular 1, it doesn't try to force a mindset or design principles on you. It sticks to plain JS and HTML where it can and lightly adds in the extra power you need to be able to make your screens dynamic.

Working with Vue definitely got me interested in trying it out for larger projects. I was impressed by how easy it was to get something up quick. If it is able to scale decently, we might have a really winner in our hands.