Follow me on Twitter with this one neat trick

Sure, it's easy enough to follow someone on Twitter. Log into twitter, search for their handle, and click the follow button. That's all well and good, but it is also mundane and boring.

If you are tired of boring, here's a super cool way to follow me. Go to TweetDeck and log in if you haven't already. Hit F12 and go to the console tab in the newly opened developer tools. Paste the following code and hit enter:"POST", "", {
    "x-csrf-token": TD.util.getCsrfTokenHeader(),
    "authorization": TD.util.getBearerTokenAuthHeader(),
    "x-twitter-auth-type": "OAuth2Session"
  }, {
    "screen_name": "BretLowrey",
    "cards_platform": "Web-13",
    "include_entities": 1,
    "include_user_entities": 1,
    "include_cards": 1,
    "send_error_codes": 1,
    "tweet_mode": "extended"
  }, {
    "xhrFields": {
      "withCredentials": true

That's it. You've just hacked the Twitter API and followed yours truly. Only slightly more complicated than the normal way but infinitely more interesting.

Word to the wise: normally, I wouldn't recommend running any code from some random guy on the internet, but I'm different. You can trust me.