I just passed through the Hat Creek rim and I am on my way to Burney Falls. Once I'm past that I'll be on Section o.

Since leaving Belden, I've pretty much hike the entirety of Lassen National Forest. The first part of it was very steep in mountainous Terrain with lots of water leading down into the Feather River. In the backcountry of the National Park, it noticeably starts to get dryer. Lots of Fire has done a number on the lands. The past couple of days have been much more exposed to the Sun and with only a few creeks as water supply.

I spent the night at a Guest Ranch near Burney Mountain. It was a great little Oasis for hikers. Sometimes just having two square meals and a place to rest your feet will do wonders.

The whole hat Creek area shorted reminded me of a mix between California and Nevada. Sagebrush and Manzanita plants living side-by-side. It was quite a sight to be halfway in between Lassen And Shasta and see both of them clearly. Now that I am in Shasta Trinity National Forest, I look forward to seeing Shasta up close. This is as far north as I have gone in California.